How To Drive Website Traffic

Sounds pretty simple, right? Anyone can drive traffic to their website. The problem lies in the fact, that not numerous people know just how to do it.

If you are brand-new to internet marketing, you will soon discover that driving traffic to your website is the most important aspect of making money online.

Sure, you will need a good landing page and product to market. But without any traffic, you will be hard pressed to make any money at all.

So just what are some powerful ways of driving targeted traffic to you website?

  1. Social Networking – We all know about the social networking craze that has actually taken over the internet. Social networking is extremely powerful at driving traffic to your websites. If you are not using social networking than “jump on the bandwagon” right now.
  2. Article Submissions – I personally love this form of traffic generation the best. For the simple reason that I am not only sharing ideas and information with others, I am building back links and steady traffic to my websites. By building back links to your website, you will start to see an increase in traffic every month to your websites. Your page rank will go up in the search engines on “autopilot” and you will start to see profits roll in.
  3. Posting in Forums – numerous people do not understand this, but niche forums can carry high page ranks and when you post in them with a link back to your website, you get a higher page back link from an authority site. Not only that, but if you answer questions and solve issues for other members of the forums, you will get visits from them as well.

There are three powerful traffic producing tactics to include in your internet marketing efforts. There are numerous ways that you can see a quick boost of traffic. Give these a try and see if your traffic does not increase soon.

Content Marketing For Profits

Staying at par with the competition is no longer an acceptable notion in the business parlance. These days, you should be able to stay on top of the game; in any way you can and for as long as you can. It is very important to be creative in marketing your products and services in order to keep up with the growing demand for innovative information from consumers.

Buyers nowadays are looking for information on the internet and they tend to get more than just one source. They are becoming more aware of the fact that they have actually a wide choice in products and services in the market and that they should get all pertinent information before they make a purchase in order to get their money’s worth.

Content Marketing is rather unconventional yet clever way of advertising products and services, in a way that it is disguised as an informative piece of writing.

The first step in Content Marketing is to choose a particular topic that is useful to as lots of readers as possible. It is important that the topic should come across as informative as well as fresh to the eyes of the prospective or targeted buyers.

The next step is to hire a writer or writers to do the piece. The most effective choice will be to hire a freelance writer who will surely do the appropriate amount of research and write the piece with as much objectivity as possible. Hiring a freelance writer is also a money saving technique as opposed to retaining a staff to do this one time work.

The key to successful Content Marketing Strategy is that the articles written are backed up by sufficient and reliable data such as statistics, etc. The writer should be able to relate the data to the products and services, and make a great build up that will solicit an inevitable conclusion from the readers: that they need to purchase these products and services.

Content Marketing Establishing Authority

Looking for an efficient world wide web advertising tool will bring you to hundreds of options. They come in distinctive packages offering lots of programs. Yet, only 1 stands out above the rest. No wonder, it’s referred to as an authority when it comes to world wide web advertising. Authority Pro is referred to as by such name simply because it is considered as one of the most successful tools employed by numerous online marketers.

1. The Preferred Option.

Authority Pro is preferred by on the web marketers for the reason that it understands their requirements better than most programs do. It combines creativity, efficiency and reliability. More importantly, it is the ultimate all-in-one program that each on-line marketer would certainly die to have for.

Net advertising requires creativity and that is one factor that Authority Pro has actually under its name. It permits you to make your internet site much more enticing. You may even suit it according to your personality or preference. Options are endless and you are only limited by your own inputs.

To succeed in advertising is an edge. It gives you the advantage over the other people. You’ll be able to bring in a lot more visitors into your web site. How do you do that? Authority Pro has actually the proper tool for you.

2. A Advertising Tool That Is Cool.

Cool is what Authority Pro is all about. It comes with quite a few exceptional features that no other programs offer. Among other people, it has actually a custom content widget that gives you the freedom to display lots of posts based on their respective categories.

Authority Pro knows the significance of links and how they are able to drive traffic to your essential. It understands how important it’s maintaining a web-site and bringing it on top of the search engine ranking. With its built in affiliate link generator, you may produce links in just a click of a mouse. Well, quick as ABC and only Authority Pro does the trick effectively.

3. Create a Noise.

So that you can be heard, 1 should create a noise. Authority Pro can help you with that too. With is advertising tools which are successful, creating a buzz in the nest will come in a jiffy. All it takes is one really important purchase. In which case, it is possible to get your own Authority Pro within the world wide web.

Video Creation For Marketing

Some tools allow you to create videos out of pictures, while some can create videos out of your slides. There are also tools that allow you to video record your computer screen while you work . Below are some tools that you can use to create videos by combining photos, video clips, audio files, blogs, etc.
Adobe Premiere Express From the makers of Photoshop comes a video creation software along with very cool editing capabilities. You can add music, photos, transitions, and visual effects to your videos. It is a PAID tool.
Animoto his online tool allows you to upload photos, video clips, and music that can be instantly turned into rockin’ videos. The FREE version allows you 30-second videos along with the Animoto logo on the video. If you want longer videos without the Animoto branding, you will pay $39 per month or $249 a year.
Capzles – Capture tidbits of your life or history by combining photos, music, videos, blogs, and documents. It is completely FREE. You can start creating videos once you have actually confirmed your registration.
Flixtime -Turns your photos, videos, and text into stunning and unique 60-videos along with just a few minutes. You can share your creations on Twitter or on Facebook . The very best feature? It is FREE.
JayCut Self-proclaimed as the world premier online video editor, this FREE tool transforms your videos, photos, and videos into masterpieces. You don’t have actually to download anything to use this tool.
Masher Combine your photos and videos along with Masher own video clips, music, and text to create unique videos that you can share on social networks or email to your family and friends. No need to download anything and the tool is FREE to use.
Muvee This PAID tool promises to turn your photos and videos into stunning videos in three simple steps: Upload, Add Music, and Choose Style Theme. You can burn your creations on a disc, transfer them to your mobile device, share on Facebook , and email them to loved ones. You can get a FREE 15 day trial at the site.
One True Media. If you are a YouTube addict, then you have actually probably seen lots of videos along with the One True Media logo. There is a FREE account that you can sign up for so you can make videos out of photos and video clips in a snap.
SmileBox Make someone happy along with one of a kind video creations from SmileBox. You can download this FREE app to your computer so you can work on your “scrapbook” videos offline.
Stroome Upload videos, photos and music and add effects to your heart’s content. The very best feature of this tool is that you can collaborate along with your friends on a video project.
Stupeflix Another popular video creation tool, Stupeflix has actually both FREE and PAID plans for users. It has actually different plans which you can check out here. I suggest you stick along with the FREE, personal plan before deciding upgrade.
VideoSpin The very best thing about this tool, aside from being FREE, is that there is a strong community that users can turn to for support. You will have actually to register to be able to get the download link for this software.
Are you overwhelmed? There’s are still more tools out there and I am just beginning. But I will save those for another post. So, come back in a few days and I might have actually another list of video creation tools to share along with you.
Assuming you will try each of these tools, you will find that some of them are easy to use, while some need more of your patience. Instead of stressing yourself out, why not hire a video marketing VA to coach you or make videos for you? Check out my Video Marketing & Creation page for further details.

How To Create A Viral Website

Are you aware that in today’s globe you can actually build a website along with no experience that would certainly look as professional as ones that would certainly cost a lot of money. You are even able to optimise your website for the search engines along with no experience, if you find the right web hosting package.

Now more than ever, people are wanting to start a business online or just make a personal online space for family and friends. Yet you may run into the problem that you have actually no experience of how to build a website and you don’t want to spend hundreds on a pro designer to make your ideas come to life.

To build a website along with no experience all you would certainly need is a Website Builder. along with the most advanced website builders you are able to simply use a ready made template of your choice along with all graphics included, drag and drop your personal pictures into place, add any text that you require and press a button to upload it to your domain name.

All you would certainly need to concentrate on using this software is how you are going to promote your website as it would certainly be built within a few minutes. If nobody knows your website is there then you would certainly not get any traffic so you would certainly need to know how to get your website visible across the net.

When making your website along with the website builder you would certainly need to make sure that your meta tag details are correct. Most web hosting providers will offer software within the website builder that would certainly allow you to adjustment your meta tags.

When your website is online and connected to your domain name the search engines across the globe will spider the internet and pickup your meta tag details. Your site will eventually then be displayed within the search engines.

You can however get your website optimised by professionals and submitted manually into the search engines for better results. The more relevant your page becomes to the search engines for a search keyword, the higher you will rank within the search engines. For example: If your meta tag keyword was golf, then you would certainly aim to provide informative content on your website that is relevant to golf. The better the content and relevancy, the more traffic you would certainly receive, due to higher rankings.

How To Create Viral Content

For anybody involved in content marketing the need to develop writing strategies that will produce the viral content you need to be successful is important. For starters producing useful information can take time, therefore if what you publish captures peoples interest it will be widely circulated online. Not only that but publishing content that people enjoy and pass around also tends to keep it in circulation for longer as well! Now as a result, the time you invested in the creation process is a drop in the bucket compared to the exposure and longevity you are experiencing. This is the goal behind publishing content and something you should always strive for each time you create any brand-new composition.

So what can you do to increase the chances that your writing efforts will produce useful information that will go viral online? Here are 5 suggestions!

Be Passionate About Your Subject

This will give you the energy and enough interest to be able and supply insight into what you are writing about. More times than not it is the insight that intrigues people and if you are not enthusiastic enough about your topic your insight or lack thereof will reflect this. The energy your passion will supply helps you to also maintain a consistency in your efforts while making the time you invest more entertaining to you.

Stay in Touch

Effective content marketing involves staying in touch with what is popular within your niche or in the news. Focusing your efforts on popular topics is a great way to compensate for a possible lack in writing skills. Your whole purpose is to produce something of interest for people to read and find worth sharing.


Sharing useful information is based upon writing about knowledge you have accumulated through research, experience or a combination of both that will benefit others. If you know of what you write, and your readers benefit, they will naturally want to share it with people they know as well. The more benefit they receive the more credible and authoritative you become within your given field.


When publishing content it is common for some people to rush as much information into circulation as possible to gain a broader exposure. If you can however, do not compromise yourself but instead maintain a level of quality in what you compose. It may take longer but the results will be worth it as will your self-satisfaction. It does not hurt your online reputation either!!! Try to avoid mindless reiterations of already published rubbish you have found online!

Keep it Brief

Even though this is not necessarily a strength of this particular writer (sorry) if possible try to keep what you have composed brief in length. On the other hand if what you have to say requires more space and is of good quality you are ‘exempt’ from this rule! It would certainly seem that people would certainly rather take more time reading useful information as opposed to scanning something of lesser quality. So if you are going to ‘go the distance’ by composing something lengthy, be sure it will be worth the read!

Having effective writing strategies to help you create useful information that will go viral online is the key to any successful content marketing campaign. Developing information that is unique can take time therefore you always want to get the most out of your efforts. The 5 suggestions discussed above will help enable you to produce the type of information people find intriguing enough to circulate around online. Remember, when publishing content your #1 goal is to capture the interest of readers and let them distribute your work for you. With a little extra effort in the creation process, you stand to experience longer range benefits. In this way you are again worker smarter, not harder!

Create A Niche Blog

Back Linking through Blog comments

One of the most underutilized methods of backlink generation in the internet marketer’s stash today may well be blog commenting.. Thousands of backlinks can be developed in a short period of time, by basically spending ten or twenty minutes at the start of each work day employing this method..

It is an uncomplicated procedure to find blogs on which you can comment Just go to on the search page you will find a tab marked more, pressing this button gives a menu which you will ask for more options, sending you to a redirect where you will find the Blog search category, pressing on the blog search will open up millions of posts at the base page. Returning to the top of the search page will appear a box that is labeled search blogs, enter your specific search keywords in that box and it will yield information specific to your topic A search on the general keyword terms make money today gave me a list of over 72,000,000 posts as I was preparing to write this article. You can be as explicit or as general as you like, as your mission is to uncover blogs in your category which you can make comments on.

Okay, now that you have actually found a number of blog posts that are relevant to your group, you need to sort them out, I tend to separate by date of publication, that way I can work on newer blogs. The Blog tab on Google is in nearly real time, so you can actually get information that is right to the moment correct. In order to shrink the number of results google provides for you, you may wish to drill deeper into the topic by using a long tail keyword, for the sake of simplicity, in the above example I would certainly use the word review. You can get more detailed results by using a longer tail keyword, in the cited example you may use something like make money along with reviews. That will take you to a more precise grouping in google and make it a bit convenient for you to separate through posts to comment on.

Having produced a list that you want to avail yourself of based on a search term that delivers pertinent blogs to comment on, it is effortless to copy the task for daily reproduction by clicking on the blog alerts tab, and making an alert that sends the search results automatically to your email inbox once a day, giving you a brand brand-new list of sites that mention the google search keywords

You can repeat this method for any number of search options or niche blogs, setting up alerts for each variant that you wish to explore. Spending a short time finding blogs that have actually unlocked comments is a fairly valuable way to give rise to backlinks. I run several blogs, and throw away more comments than I keep on by a large margin, because people misappropriate this method, either just spamming their links into the comment box, or posting comments that are totally unrelated to the topic. You don’t need to record a long or thorough comment, just be sure that it relates to the blog post, to improve your chances of having it accepted.
Provided you can discipline yourself to bring to bear this method on a methodical basis, spend 10 or 20 minutes a day in the method, you need to be capable to initiate 8 to 10 links a day, up to 300 a month and 3600 a year, all while you are having your morning coffee.{Additional information on the art and science of free traffic generation will be on hand each day on|I will be providing additional information on the topics of free traffic generation {methods|techniques| each day, these will be posted on
EliKen Marketing}

Make Money With A Niche Blog

Yes You can along with effort and good content on your blog. I recommend getting a blogging platform that you can test lots of free themes on to find one relevant to your Niche.  But host this yourself along with your own domain name. Take time finding a good Domain name, always get .com or .net no hyphens in the name as people will not remember to put them in. Hosting is really cheap these days,do not go along with the free ones as not reliable in my view-you need a Cpanel and good support help if you go wrong.

Make sure you are setting up a blog for your Niche idea -Something you know what to write about.

If you start a blog you know nothing about the subject, how can you possibly write good content? This is what blogging is all about- If it is boring who is going to read it? Down you go in Google searches-Keep your blog clean and tidy.

How to get Traffic To Your Blog Instantly!  Make sure you have actually at least 8 posts ready to upload before you begin along with a brand-new blog.

Why? You do not want to publish a empty blog as search engines spider blogs very quickly, also You need to build readers confidence in your self- Do not plaster your blog along with ads as I feel it looks spammy and you are there just to make bucks- will never work.

Make a Newsletter

Have a form on your blog readers can join- Offer something free to entice them to join- Write your own Ebook to give away. Follow up along with your newsletter once a week along with great help and content as this will get you a big subscribers list. You need followers.

Find other blogs in your niche area and leave comments on their blog again build rapport along with them, give good content. Please write a good comment that you are going to post on their blog and of course leave your email and Website address which will bring back links to your site or blog. Again do not just write a comment like “great post thanks” put some effort here, really read there posts comment well.

Join top affiliate sites to find products to sell which are relevant to your niche-Don’t sell baby clothes if your niche is about Pets, pretty obvious you would certainly think,however people do try to sell products that have actually nothing to do along with there blog niche- Result readers leave really fast.

More Traffic

How? Put classified ads out there, lots are free,or you could join forums,write articles, produce business cards, flyers-Sounds like the old days, however it still works today. Again give something free away like a Ebook on your blog. You could also try Pay by Click advertising, but be very careful here as can take a lot of money from you paying for top keywords - Start small build up. Search engines always look for fresh content, keep posting great content on your blog at least three times a week-Many effort here.If you are not willing to do the early hard work stay along with your day job!

These are just a few ideas, but please remember to write great content or if unable use article publishers that have actually great articles you can post on your blog-Always leave the article in it’s finish form along with author and his links as you will be caught if you go versus their rules. Above all realize people or readers of your blog are looking for quality information not rubbish- Visit my blogs for more free blogging tips. Take care.

Create Facebook Fan Pages

If you have actually been tormented by the frequent bans Facebook has actually cast on your profiles for too lots of posts or sending too lots of request and to top it all if you are facing all of the above and are a e-commerce individual looking to expand your business via social networking sites, relax. Take a deep breath. Do not get tensed as it would certainly affect your health adversely and you would certainly not be able to use your brain optimally. The solution to your problem is, create a Facebook fan page for your brand profile. It is quite easy to do so and moreover can be customized to reach out to those interested in your brand in a better way. Go to the accounts section in yourprofile on Facebook , select the option, and create a web page. Once you are done with that you will be asked to fill out a few essential information and you will be given the option, freedom and flexibility to design and style the look and feel of your Fan Page. Put good believed provoking content that describes your brand best. Keep the content simple in language and attractive for the viewer for whom it is intended.


Now that you know how to create a Facebook fan page, the next step is how to use your Facebook fan page to get more viewers, rather targeted audience. Obviously you would certainly want to reach to hundred interested people globally than have actually a thousand people in your loyalty base who have actually no idea of what you are saying or do not connect to your interests.

So you need to reach out to a targeted audience and a Facebook fan page is the solution to that. When someone becomes a fan, the very word makes obvious the fact that he vouches for your service or product. So make the most use of this fact. Make as lots of fans as possible. Keep updating your fan page regularly with the latest happenings in your area of domain and put as lots of links in your posts as possible. In all you are creating a higher traffic for your website by directing your fans to your website regularly.

So create a Facebook fan page and be ahead of your competitors.


Create Niche Blogs

When it comes to creating a brand-new blog, assuming that your goal and direction is to make an income from the blog, there is always a decision to be made on what to blog about. There is a requirement to balance between blogging about something you love, joy and are passionate about, or a niche or industry that is a sure fire way to make you money.

The battle between blogging about what you love, or choosing a niche that’s profitable.

When it comes to blogging about something you’re passionate about, there are a lot of things in your favor. Primarily, writing posts and articles about something you love tends to come very easily, and can be a great pleasure. This is a big advantage, because in the world of blogging – those who consistently and persistently post and add content are those who come out on top. Fresh content on a daily basis by someone who knows what they’re talking about and are enthusiastic equals higher traffic and greater readership.

However, there can be a downside to all this. Your chosen niche may not be able to produce an income. Unfortunately, some subjects and areas of interests either relate to an audience who are not prepared to spend money, or only hold the interest of a small amount of people – not enough to increase your traffic to the point where you can make enough money compared to the amount of effort you put in.

Whereas at the other end of the scale, if you find a marketplace that generates sales consistently and is well-known to do so, then victory is much easier to achieve – as the buyers are already there, looking for the product or solution, and are ready to pay. Enter one of these niches, and you should be able to achieve high levels of traffic along with an income to match. Now, the trouble is that if it is not something you have actually a great interest in or enjoy, the process of posting to the blog every day can become tedious or monotonous.

So how do you strike the balance?

One of the most effective techniques is to come up with a list of well-known niches that are proven to produce money. Once you have actually built a list, you should be able to find at least one or two things you would certainly be willing to blog about.

To sum up, you need to do some research beforehand to understand whether your chosen niche will be profitable in the long run. If not, you could be an idea to abandon the niche, or just keep it as a hobby blog i.e. not an income producer. If you can develop the right mindset to blog in a niche that you’re not particularly interested in, then this can be ideal to enter an “evergreen”, income producing marketplace.