Facebook Fanpage Strategies


Setting up a facebook fan page is going to be the very best marketing move you will ever make. Are you really interested in generating traffic and building a list creating facebook pages? This article will dissect the rules of engagement. So, why should you create a fan page on facebook anyway? 


Just to give you an astouding statistic, if facebook was a country, if would certainly be the 3rd largest country in the world. There are over 500 million users on this social networking giant and it is growing like wildfire on a daily basis. The average user logs in and stay logged in for an average of 55 minutes. This is where you will catch most of your prospects hanging out.


So How Do You Build It..


Why some marketers are charging thousands of dollars to build a fan page is beyond my understanding. It only takes about five minutes to build, however, getting fan to “like you” is another article in itself. 


Also, it does not matter what type of business you have, or what type of hobby you are pursuing. This type of pages are for the brick and mortar business all the way down to the birthday cake enthusiast. 


So, when you arrive at the front page of facebook , you will see where you can sign up for a brand-new account. At the very bottom, there is a link that says “creat a brand-new page.” Click on that link and it will take you to a page where you can name the entity of your establishment. 


 It’s ideal to already have actually an account along with facebook to make the process go a lot faster. You should soon see local, brand product or organization, and artist, band or, public figure next. Pick what relates closes to what you are promoting, and give you page a name. That’s all you have actually to do. 


What Next..


The next step you really want to focus on is building your profile. Make sure you put in your biography, phone number, product, services, and website(s). This will make it easier for prospects, friends, and associate to find you, and start to “like you.” 


Get familiar along with all the tabs on the left hand adverse when you hit the “Edit” button to change your profile. You can easily start generating traffic by inviting your friends and prospects to come and party along with you at your brand brand-new fan page. You can do this by hitting the “suggest friends” tab located on the left adverse of your page.


Building a List


In order to build a list along with you brand-new fan page you just created, you need a way to capture leads and you can do this by getting a customized professional template designed especially for your niche. Once you have actually the design you want and the FBML code you will need, copy and paste the code into your FBML tab and your brand-new capture page will be shown immediately.