Internet Marketing For Profits

How do you finest use an autoresponder system? I get this question a lot, so here’s what you need to know. Having a squeeze page is a necessity, having an opt-in form on your squeeze page is a necessity, having an autoresponder is a necessity…BUT…you can have actually all of these internet marketing strategies in place…but if you do that without setting up your autoresponder correctly they will do you no good. I mean, if you are going to build a system that makes money online…build it so it makes you the maximum amount of money it can make. That’s where a properly set up autoresponder system comes into play.

Setting things up right is a critical piece to your business, and I’m not just talking about the technical part of setting it up. I don’t mean find a good autoresponder service like Aweber and go through their set-up instructions…I mean look at the big picture of what you want your autoreponder to do for you…and build it from that perspective. Anyone can put one up following the “how to” instructions provided by the service. I am going to show you the theory behind the set-up, and why I set mine up the way I do.

So you have actually picked your autoresponder service and set it up, now you have actually a system that will verify the people that opt-in to your list, it will keep track of them and communicate along with them automatically. Next you want to set up how it communicates along with your list.

What I do is load four messages into my system. These four messages are going to promote something to my list, either my own products or products that I am an affiliate for.

The first message will say something like “thank you for joining my XYZ list”…or “thank you for subscribing to my newsletter about XYZ…Here is your first issue (or tip, or whatever) about XYZ”. Be sure that whatever you are giving them in this message is useful and relevant. Then at the end of the message, you will want to do a P.S.

The P.S. is the essential part, you will have actually a different P.S. in each of your messages that each point to a different product that your list member can buy. So you can say something like “If you haven’t picked up a copy of ABC (whatever the product is that you are promoting) you will want to do that now. It will really help you along with XYZ”. Then have actually the link for them to click to buy it.

Now you can pretty much move on and let the system do the work. You will have actually the other three messages go out at whatever interval you choose…it can be the next day or a few days later…whatever you want. You can stop here, or if you really want to maximize the amount of profits you make, you can keep adding messages to your series…and there you have actually it! Your internet marketing strategies all working together to bring you profits for months and years to come!