Internet Marketing For Newbies

Before you begin marketing anything on the Internet, there are three key words you should remember when it comes to converting visitors into sales.

1.  Trust

2.  Authenticity

3.  Personal Connection

These three things your customer or website visitor should feel – Trust, Authenticity and a Personal Connection -before they will ever part along with their money and buy your product. Let’s take a look at each one and explore how to accomplish them.

How to Build Trust

The way to build trust is to make your customer believe you are an authority in your field. You should provide your potential customers along with information about you and your experiences as it relates to the product(s) you are promoting.

Did the product solve a problem, save you time or provide income for you, your family and/or friends?  Just what attracted you to the product to begin with? How have actually you used the product and why?

Any product you are promoting you must use yourself. Using your product is the only way to truly provide your customers along with an honest review of the product.


When promoting a product, never spam your potential customers along with affiliates links placed in email or social networking sites. This is annoying and, trust me, you will never sell anyone you annoy. Just what you want to send in an email or networking post is something believable like this “Here’s Just what I learned about XYZ” or “How I made money along with XYZ” etc. along with a link to your blog or website.

Create a blog post or website page where you describe how you used and benefited from the product. If you don’t have actually a blog or website, you can get a blog free from Google or WordPress. Just what you want to create is a landing page that contains your authentic personal experience. This is where you place a link to an affiliate site or your order page. Be sure to place several links to make it easy for your visitors to click on.

Personal Connection

When people come to your landing page and read your personal account of the experience you had and how the product helps and benefits you, they will easily identify along with your story. It will job even much better if you post testimonials from others that have actually used and benefited from the product. A Personal Connection is formed when a customer believes the product will help them as well.

If you are offering your own product, make sure to offer a money back guarantee. Once you have actually created the trust, authenticity and personal connection you will see your sales increase dramatically.