Viral Content For Facebook

The 2 titans in viral  marketing are currently Facebook and Twitter despite the fact that Twitter only has actually a fraction of the number of users of Facebook . At the time of this writing, Twitter has actually around 3 million users, compared to 200 million for Facebook , but all the buzz is about Twitter. 
Being a user of both online viral marketing services, I can certainly see why Twitter trounces Facebook in lots of ways, but will it be able to knockout the champion? Let’s start by taking a look at some advantages of Twitter over Facebook .
5 Twitter Advantages:
1. Easy to get followers
2. Easy to follow people, no permission required, and few rules and restrictions.
3. Very simple and quick, maximum 140 characters per ?tweet?
4. Allows aliases
5. Searchable, with full profile views
Now let’s take a look at some areas where Facebook has actually an advantage:
1. Fan page feature 
2. Better support for multi-media, even though this is improving in Twitter
3. Creates trust
4. Very viral
5. Event page feature
Overall, Facebook is a lot more complex than Twitter. And it’s much more cumbersome and restrictive to get friends on Facebook . Friends must approve you and if you are not a friend, you can’t see a person’s full profile.
Facebook also has actually some archaic restrictions on adding friends. There is a friend threshold, and if you go over the limit Facebook will disable your ability to add friends for an unspecified amount of time. And they also don’t publish the threshold so it’s a guessing game. 
And if you violate their mysterious rules and restrictions too lots of times, Facebook will disable your account permanently and you will have to start all over with a brand-new account and 0 friends. I know several people that have had this happen after growing their friend lists to a few thousand friends. And they weren’t even told what they did wrong. Ouch! I’m doing my best to avoid this.
I have personally violated the “mysterious adding friend threshold”. When I got slapped by Facebook for this I was not able to add any brand-new friends for over a week. I significantly reduced the number of friends I was inviting each day and still got a nasty email threatening from them.
If you want to get started in viral marketing check out twitter for it’s ease of use, short messages, and lack of prohibitive rules and restrictions. The main thing, I’ve found that it’s a lot of fun and you can learn a lot from people posting interesting info!
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