Best Niches For Affiliate Marketing

Depending on what you are aiming for, you might come across different ways to market to a niche. However, not all niches lend themselves to all forms of marketing. For instance, in the gaming industry, videos and flashy interactive ads are probably preferred. You want to capture the potential users interest instantly. For the work at house mom, this might not be the preferred way.

Many gurus and professionals tell you to localize a market first, then specialize in a niche and then give them what they want. As this could be a true and tested way, it is not the only way to skin the marketing cat.

A different way to find the most effective marketing niches.

A great alternative, if you can afford a few hundred dollars in testing, is to use AdWords. Yes, Google owns an in-home tool for ad-campaigns that you’ll use to test the traffic. Some niches just do not respond well to ads. There is no way of knowing this before you actually test it. Some people, in a specific state of mind do not look to be sold to or to find great offers.

Instead of working out a whole marketing plan, creating websites, writing articles etc, just do the simplest of all possible things. Create two ads for each niche, they should naturally be broad in their nature so they appeal to a large number of people within that niche (and don’t forget to add an direct affiliate link to a related offer just in case). Set up those ads for different keywords and track their results. Do this for at least five different niches.

After a week of testing you will probably see a great difference in the amount of clicks the different niches have received. If you did enough work up front and added a few thousand different keywords in different ad-groups for each niche, if you always tested and kept the most effective ads for the niche, then you should have statistically valid data to work with.

Now you know if that particular market or niche is hungry. You know what to expect. And you have minimized the possibility for failure. Now you can begin to build and create a marketing plan.

Testing is king!