Facebook Fan Pages For Beginners

Today I’m going to give you some pointers on what to say (and how often to say it) to get the most effective results with your Facebook Marketing presence.

The first thing to keep in mind is who your ideal customer is and what you offer that gets them excited.

For example, if your restaurant is upscale and and has actually an extensive wine list, you might want to talk about…

* the different wines you have actually to offer
* insights on wine tasting and what to look for
* what wine pairs well with what foods, etc…

because you’ll probably be catering to foodies and they’ll eat this stuff up (trust me, I should know).

Now if you own an Irish Pub, your target market may be college frat boys…

What would certainly get them to identify with your page, interact, recommend their friends, and come in your pub?

Well, you’d probably want to promote your beer specials, game nights, your fun atmosphere, how only the “cool people” patronize your place, etc.

You could probably get away with having a sense of humor on your Facebook Page, as well… look at all the dumb beer commercials! Pretty similar demographic you’d be targeting.

Hopefully you can see where I’m going with this…

Basically, your Facebook Fan Page should be a reflection of your restaurant and what people can expect when they come in.

Show your personality, build your brand, and talk about what your target market cares about… and you’ll be successful with your Facebook Page.

Lastly, I’d like to talk about the frequency of posts…

You should update your Facebook Page at least once a week…

Heck, we update our clients’ Fan Pages at least once a day!

Give people a reason to keep coming back… Post unexpected and delightful surprises… Encourage people to interact!

These are things you need to do to get more restaurant patrons in your business through your Facebook Fan Page.

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