List Building Tools

No list? No problem. There are tons of ways to build a list, and even more ways to build it really, really fast. One of the fastest ways… and I have actually done this multiple times and made hundreds of thousands of dollars doing it…is along with one of my favorite internet marketing tools… teleseminars.

It’s fairly simple. Start along with looking at your niche and figuring out four or five, or even a dozen people that you could team up along with who would certainly be interested in doing a teleseminar. It’s good exposure for them, and it likewise helps them build their business, so finding people to partner along with is usually rather easy.

Let’s say you are in the health field, you would certainly look for other health professionals that have actually information, products, or programs that compliment what you do. Next you will want to visit their website…if they have actually an opt-in box…excellent. Now you know they already have actually a list. This is awesome because they can advertise your teleseminar to their list, which of course builds your list as people opt-in. Obviously, the bigger the list, the better.

You will want to put up a squeeze page that says something like: “Get access to a live training along with So and So, and they will teach you X, Y, and Z. Enter your information to get instant access to the call in details.”

Make sure all of your partners send an email to their lists promoting the teleconference during the week that it is going to happen. It’s likewise a good idea to have actually them mail their list a couple of times…once along with plenty of advance notice…and the second time as it gets closer along with a “coming up soon, don’t skip out” kind of message.

Here’s the other great thing about telesminars. You can record it and play it again as if it were live at any other time in the future, providing of course the information on the call is still relevant.

So this is how it would certainly work: You have actually done the call live and it is recorded. You send an email to your list and let them know there is a great call along with fantastic information coming up and you give them a link to get access details. When they call in at the time you specified, the recording begins and they listen to the call. Now don’t tell them the call is live, because it is not. What you are telling them is that the call is happening at X time and on this particular conference telephone number.

Now you have actually a whole brand-new audience that gets to hear this awesome information and you don’t have actually to be there at all. If they like what they hear and buy whatever is being offered during that call…Boom…you’ve just made some money…totally passively. How cool is that? That is just one reason teleseminars are one of my favorite internet marketing tools…for list building and making money online! It is the ultimate in recycling your information for increased profits.