Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is social marketing at its best, a powerful way to stay in touch with people and update them about your latest products and seminars. Besides talking about your latest adventures, you can keep your readers interested in your page by offering useful tips and strategies about your area of expertise. On average, each Facebook customer, according to statistics issued by Facebook, is connected to about 60 other pages, as well as groups and events—so an easy way to keep your fans interested is to keep posting great content.

Since compelling content is the key to your triumph with all forms of social marketing, including Facebook marketing, here are three social marketing tips to make your page more interesting, insightful, informative, intimate, and inspirational.

Facebook Marketing Tip 1: Don’t Be Boring

The first thing you have to do to create awesome content is not be boring. A boring Facebook page is the kiss of social marketing death. You have to remember that your page is in direct competition with several other pages, so you dare not be pedestrian in your approach to creating your page.

What can you do to stand out, be recognized, and attract attention? Here’s an important strategy: study the pages of your rivals on Facebook. Study their designs and analyze their content. Besides improving aesthetics, consider what you can give your readers to add value to their lives. How can you help them? What resources can you provide? Social marketing is about creating value. What can you post on your pages to keep people coming back for more?

In your quest not to be boring, you have to avoid doing bland things, like having a generic landing page. Spice your pages up, offer some background information, provide a story that captures attention, and add in something that informs and entertains the readers.

Facebook Marketing Tip 2: Create Free Information Products

Although your fans may not need much persuasion to hang out with you, you can boost your Facebook marketing by offering freebies to entice brand-new fans. Offer free downloads, free eBooks in the form of pdf files or free instructional videos. What you give away has actually to be something you made. Don’t just give away something that you picked up at a giveaway event or that you got from a resale rights website. Instead, create an information product that shares your expertise. These gifts not only reward fans, but also inform them about the quality of your products.

Facebook Marketing Tip 3: Post Big Pictures And several Pictures

It’s important to notice that several people who use Facebook are automatically attracted to visual information, so be liberal in your use of personal photographs. Post photographs of the last seminar you hosted or attended. Post pictures of your favourite vacation spots. And post big pictures of yourself or your company. Share the passion and joy of your life with others through pictures.

Niche Blogging For Profits


The very first step before attempting to set up your blog is to choose your blog’s niche or topic.

Choose something that is something you’re passionate about or at least have actually some bit of interest in, and something that is profitable i.e something that other people are passionate about and are willing to spend money on.

It is really important that you have actually some knowledge on your topic/niche so you know what you’re talking about when making blog posts. If you are knowledgeable on your topic, visitors to your website will perceive you as an expert and a person they can go to for advice and purchase from. The information you will be providing on your blog must be helpful and informative in order for you to build up your credibility and make money from your efforts. People will only pay for information that is genuinely useful to them.

However, you do not actually have actually to be a qualified expert in your field, just as long as you know just a bit more than the average Joe or the average Jane. Even if you’re unsure whether you are a person who can come across as being knowledgeable and credible on your topic, it’s nothing that a little online research won’t fix.

So the first thing you should do is think about your interests and what you are passionate about. Something that is a big industry, that has actually a lot of money in it e.g health, weight loss, fitness.

Next, you will need to break this down into a sub-topic. For example, the health and fitness niche is very profitable, however it is swamped along with high competition, so you might want to narrow it down to a smaller sub-niche such as ‘raw food diets’ or ‘pilates for rock climbers’ etc.

Even if the niche is small and obscure, it can still be extremely profitable and under-monetized along with big potential. However, it is not a good idea to go too small into sub-niches along with absolutely no competition because chances are there’s not much money in them.

Topics that are always popular and profitable are:

Making Money Online
Relationships and Dating
Health and Fitness
Self Help

Niche Research …

Remember this: People will pay for solutions to their problems. It is really just as simple as finding out what your target market wants, what they need, and giving it to them. Here is a 3 step process:

1) Identify your market’s problems.
2) Find solutions for their problems.
3) Give them your solutions to their problems.

So, the first thing to do is to go out into your niche and do a little research either online or offline. You should look for:

What kind of people are they?
What are they passionate about and why?
What do they spend most of their time talking about in regards to this niche?
What are their main concerns?
What are they currently doing to solve their problems?
What can you do to offer a solution to these problems?

The very best places to go to find this information out is the places where your niche/target market hang out; forums, popular websites, social sites etc.